5 thoughts on “White Cloud Mountain Minnows Feeding Time”

  1. I could never not have that wonderful fish. It does well in my unheated, inside, tanks. I have some flow, if only because it’s said to enjoy that and I’ve seen pictures of the very type stream it was in originally. That being said I’m sure it’s not necessary. My problem here is good stock. So many are sold as feeders and usually come with disease. Thanks though for sharing your fish.


    1. Thanks! They are fun. They weren’t sold to me as feeders but I’ve lost 4 of them. One had septicemia, one of the second batch died for no reason that I could tell and 2 completely disappeared. I’ve only lost one other fish, a Cory cat that never acted right but I kept thinking he’d recover so I didn’t take him back. But I think my lfs isn’t stocking the highest quality WCMMs :-/

  2. I could never not have that wonderful hardy fish. I understand it prefers some flow, and the type locality is flowing water. Obviously not necessary. My problem here is good stock, almost 100% sold as feeders, and they are diseased. Love that tank, thanks for sharing a underappreciated fish.


  3. I’m glad you brought that up. Most of my white clouds eventually wasted away from a perplexing intestinal problem. Even quarantined fish. The other fish I have seen that also is prone to same is the bloodfin tetra, so much so that I no longer purchase them. Someday a species only tank with white clouds that reproduce might tell me more.


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