Ten Gallon Walstad Tank Log



I was given a 10-gallon tank, so I bought a few plants and tore down the bowl because I wanted the creeping Jenny out of it. It was doing wonderfully transition to submerged life, and I thought that would really help the new tank. It’s been pearling still even after being moved. I know I’m starting over with regards to new dirt, but I think the more established plants will help with that a lot!

Readings this morning as expected, pH around 7.6, slightly higher again because the dirt hasn’t had a chance to lower it. Doesn’t seem to bother the shrimp. Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 0. I’m adding flake food and poking the soil.



Added 6 White Cloud Mountain Minnows (1 male, 5 females) last night and dangled some Pothos vine roots into the tank with the leaves emersed. All six are healthy and playful this morning.

Parameters: pH: 7.2 | Ammonia <0.25ppm (inside it looked totally yellow against the card, outside, there was the faintest hint of green). | Nitrites 0ppm | Nitrates 0ppm. I expected at least some ammonia after introducing 6 fish at the same time. Will do a 25% water change and add 10 drops of prime to tank (water is treated, but this will bind the ammonia in the old water).


Added filter with Matrix and started a 7-day regime of Seachem Stability.


Ammonia still 0. Removed Zeolite Crystals.


Ammonia went back to 0.25ppm tested KH and GH for first time KH at 4 GH at 6 Changed water. Started feeding New Life Spectrum Small Fish pellets.


Ammonia 0.25ppm. Day 4 Of stability.


Ammonia holding steady at 0.25ppm. Didn’t test anything else. Day 5 of stability. Will finish that dose on Tuesday and I hope the bacteria will be established by then.


pH steady at 7.4 Ammonia still reading 0.25ppm. Last day of Stability. Have read that using Seachem Prime as your dechlorinator can cause a false ammonia reading on some tests, including the API Master test kit. I’m guessing that’s what’s happening because my Nitrites and Nitrates were holding steady at 0, and thus I think the cycle is just fine. I cleaned the glass and topped the water off. I do have a bit of biofilm in the front corner were there’s not really any current from the filter, but unless it becomes more of an issue, it’s not that hard to just skim that off once a week or so. Had a little hair algae appear the past couple of days and I pulled it out with my new aquarium tweezers.