Tank log

I’ve basically combined all my tank logs into one and have been keeping running notes on my phone so I remember when I did what. So while not a perfect journal, I thought I’d reproduce it here:


8/14/2016 set up first 5.5 gallon (hereafter 5.5R), purchased Finn
8/27/2016 added crypt lucens and frogs to 5.5R, added Christmas moss to manzanita in 29
8/30/2016 girl frog died
9/1/2016 boy frog died
9/4/2016 set up second 5.5 gallon (5.5L)
9/5/2016 moved second rams horn to 29 so they could breed. Within 24 hours I saw an egg cluster on glass that didn’t look like pond snails. Fingers crossed! I observed them breeding by 9/6.
9/7/2016 added dwarf sag, rotala indica, and Amazon sword
9/8/2016 added crypt parva (5.5) and green ozelot (29). 
9/10/2016 trimmed plants, removed majority of plants affected by hair algae in 29 gal. Planted algae free cuttings in empty 5.5L. Moved mystery snail, set up filter, added stability. Changed intake sponges on 29 and 10, threw the sponges in Finns tank. He likes swimming through them. Hoping they’ll finish seeding the tank and get rid of the persistent < 0.25 nitrites. Also I think I need to get Finn a log. Set up the second Azoo Palm filter in 5.5L.
9/11/2016 moved about half the crypt parva to second 5.5. Did almost 100% water change on snail bowl as Eli was over feeding and it was gross. Discovered the creeping jenny going gangbusters. Guess it likes snail poop. Planted some cuttings in the second 5.5. Waiting on driftwood so I can tie on more moss and Anubias in both 5.5s. Turned the heater in the 5.5 2 on. Hope I didn’t melt the crypts by plunging them into a colder tank and then heating them again 😛
No nitrites in Finns tank! Looks like the seeded sponges did the trick. I’m going to leave them in there to transfer to tank 2 when I get a fish for that tank. 
At least one female shrimp looks berried today! Hoping for shrimplets in 3ish weeks. 
9/12/2016 tore down the snail bowl and removed the wood as the white slimy stuff I theorize was fungus from the wood rotting as opposed to the normal bit of white fungus that’s temporary on say manzanita. 
9/13/2016 water tests
29: 0/0/5 7.4pH

10: 0/0/0 7.4pH

5.5R: 0/0/0 7.4pH

5.5L: 0.25/0/0 7.4pH added prime and continued with stability
After soaking rocks individually for 5 days I got a pH spike on one, so I found the culprit. Not sure it takes 5 days but def more than 2, I don’t think I tested on days 3/4. I guess I could soak the rock again knowing it’s the culprit and see how many days for sure…
Upped lighting on 29 to 23 watt 5000k cfls. I think the hair algae was getting the advantage bc the light was too low. 
Added 5 Amano shrimp to 29 and 7 c. Habrosus to the 10. I feel like the hair algae is worse but not sure if that’s because I haven’t been messing with it every day or because of the higher light. I’ve seen better growth esp of the Christmas moss under this like but the rotala and water Sprite are responding as well. Snails in 29 hatched, were pond snails. Added a crypt lucens to 5.5L and 10. Split this time, hope it doesn’t melt. Added crypt wendtii red to 5.5R, baby tears to 5.5L, 10, 29. 

29: 0.25/0/5 7.4pH added prime and stability. Assuming small ammonia reading is from dead minnow.

10: 0/0/<5ppm 7.4pH
5.5L 0.25/0.25/<5 7.4pH

5.5L 0/0/<5 7.4pH

29: 0/0/5 7.4pH

Added Indian almond leaf to 29 and to Finns tank 
9/21/2016 29: switched lights back to 13 watt. Feel like it’s not enough to light but 23 was too much. Maybe I should have waited to see what adding tannins would do but I was good on algae for the first month with tannins and lower light, though the planting wasn’t as dense by a long shot so I’m not too sure what’s best.
Rinsed intake sponge on Aquaclear 70.


29: last of my first batch of RCS dead this am. Don’t know if the females are pregnant, guessing not. 😛


5.5R 0/0/0 7.2pH

5.5L 0/0/0 7pH

10: 0/0/5 6.4pH

29: 0.25/0/5 7.4pH added prime and stability to handle ammonia. Guessing that’ll be the last of it since no one else is missing
Started adding a half cap of excel. Going to do this for 2 weeks. Control jar of Java ferns in low light dosed with high (2-3x) amounts of excel show almost no hair algae, remaining is pale and dying. It’ll take longer in the big tank but I also have algae eaters so hopeful lower light plus staying consistent will help


Rinsed all 4 intake sponges in tank water I scooped out. Topped off tanks. Saw baby ramshorns in 29! Cut light in 29 to 4/5/4


29: removed some hair algae. I could actually get most of it off the glass so even tho it hasn’t turned red yet it’s starting to die. Added some sand, got the sword in the substrate at last. Tied the sample Java ferns from the jar back into my extra driftwood and put it in the back of the tank, I don’t know if it’ll be okay that high up near the lights but it’ll be easy to move even into say the 10 gallon once the hair algae is all dead. Started spot treating mainly the BBA with h2o2, 10 ml total so far. 
5.5 L 0/0/0 7.2 pH not happy with the palm filter in this tank :-/ 

5.5 R 0/0/0 7.4 pH

Did nothing to the 10 the 10 is perfection lol


Poe arrived!!!

Rinsed sponge in 29 and topped off. 


Small water change sponge rinse for both 5.5s

Hit the bba with h2o2 for the second time big difference! Will do at least 10 ml daily until gone. Hair algae receding. Removed more manually, it hasn’t turned red but it’s easier to get off. Some combo of excel plus army of baby ramshorns is working 


Continued with 10ml of H2O2. BBA disappearing! 


Switched 29 and 10 tanks to LEDs

Switched 5.5 lights to desk clamps and 40 watt equivalent LEDs

29: 0/0/<5 7.4pH 

10: 0/0/5-10 6.8 or 7.0 pH

5.5L 0/0/5 7.0 pH

5.5R 0/0/<5 7.2 pH
Water change in 5.5s
Water change in 29
Topped off 10 and 5.5s
Set up 4 gallon bowl in bedroom

10 gal: 0,0, <5ppm

Bowl: 0,0,0 (water change yesterday) adding stability. Only residents baby ramshorns. 

Rinsed sponge in 29

Test: 0/0/<5ppm


Check bowl: 0/0

Topped off 29 and 5.5s

Samwise arrived!