Fish Keeping Links

General fish keeping

Tank setup–from Fish Lore
The Nitrogen Cycle for Everyone
Fishless Cycle–all about how the nitrogen cycle is established

Subtropical Fish

Fish and plants that don’t need a heater
White Cloud Mountain Minnow (I’m planning to use this as the main schooling fish in my sub-tropical set up).
Peppered Corydora Catfish (Cory Cat) Unlike most of the other Cory Cats, the peppered variety is happier in cooler water.

Betta Care

Note: I researched a lot of different things that I pulled together on this site before decided to attempt a sub-tropical, planted, Walstad tank. But I’m leaving the rest of the links here in case someone else finds them useful. My first plan was to set up a ten gallon with a Betta and a few companions, but I’ve really fallen in love with the idea of schooling fish and creating the lowest tech set-up possible, to where I don’t even need a heater.–Lots of good info and links
Tank mates for Bettas
The Native Betta Habitat–Separating Fact from Fiction
Myths and Truths about Betta Care
Setting up a Betta Tank