Vivarium update

Two and a half weeks grown in! The springtails population is booming, so that’s cool to watch. The plants almost all have new growth, the ficus pumilla is struggling for some reason. I did lose one fern, apparently it didn’t like the humidity but the other two look good so far, and one put out a new frond. The creeping Jenny gas exploded, I may need to start trimming it soon, best cascading plant ever! So versatile too, I have it growing submerged in my fish tanks. The Selaginella is really doing well in the front corners, and the Fittonia was evidently made for vivariums. The Peperomia has adjusted and I see some new leaves on the bigger of the two plants. The Trandescantia likewise seems very happy and has started growing across the front. If the ficus doesn’t make it, I may just allow the Trandescantia to take over that side as well. 

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