29 gallon progress

So adventures and misadventures of learning this hobby: one of the spotted corys (c. Melanistius) had to be euthanized on July 23rd. He was dying and we were leaving town for a week and I feared for the life of the rest of the tank if he died while we were gone. The female Cory went nuts after I took him out, I felt horrible. She survived despite the obvious stress and the first day we were back I ran down to my LFS to get more Cory cats (7/31). I already knew they only had c. Sterbai. I’d been waiting a month for more melanistius and they hadn’t gotten them. I figured some corys were better than no corys for her. I decided to get 4 based on the employee saying my tank wouldn’t be overstocked. Well, it felt overstocked. They were really hyper and glass surfing non-stop and they were bothering the betta. So I put a heater on my 29 to keep it at 72 and I transferred all five corys over on 8/4. 

They glass surfed like mad until yesterday, and now today they’ve been way less active. I trust their activity levels will even out now that they are used to the tank. 

In other news, my house sitter overfed both tanks and the 29 wasn’t balanced enough to handle it so I got an algae and pond snail outbreak. Some in the 10 gal too, but that was easier to wrangle as its heavier planted by percentage. 

I’ve upped my water changes in the 29 to about 30% every other day. I’ll do my 3rd at that frequency tomorrow. But I’m seeing a huge difference already. 

Today I got tired of the huge tangle of water Sprite in my one lower flow corner (it’s not dead but it’s slow enough for floating plants to get stuck), and I planted all of it. It was shading the Pygmy sword too much which needs more light as its all but died out in the 10 gallon. I love how it turned out! I think in a few days I’m going to prune the ludwigia repens and replant the tops to turn into new stems.

In other news, the same day I bought the c. Sterbai I got 4 female (what they had in stock) celestial pearl danios and 4 male Endlers live bearers for the 29. I didn’t intend to stock that fast (by adding the corys later that week), so I’m waiting a few more weeks at least and then I think I’ll try to get some more red cherry shrimp. And then wait longer to get any more CPDs but I think I’ll try for 10 total, and at least 2 more Sterba’s.

Also one of the minnows disappeared. I’m pretty sure it was my fry although he/she was approaching adult size and there is still one with a bluer stripe.

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