Betta and Cory cats

     Meet Twelve. Don’t tell my son. Technically the betta is his and he refuses to name it. I know, right? But as soon as I got a look at those eyebrows I know just who he needed to be named after. And yes, a Tardis tank ornament is coming in case you were wondering. 
I added a bunch of stems of ludwigia to help with water quality too. I’ll probably remove some when the Java ferns get bigger. We’ll see.

  Twelve’s companions are Cory catfish: corydoras melanistius or spotted corys. I think it’s a male and female pair so they’re Amy and Rory. I’m having fun with this. In a few weeks or whenever my local fish store gets more, 2-3 more companions will be joining these three.   I’ve also moved the ghost shrimp in to see if Twelve is a hunter. If not, I’ll add some Amano shrimp later as well to act as clean-up crew. 
 The clay pot was well rinsed, installed at an angle, and partially filled with aquarium gravel to completely block the drainage hole so Twelve won’t try to swim through and hurt himself. 

 I had a nice piece of driftwood in here which stained the water a lovely weak tea color but I decided it was too rough for Twelve’s fins, so I took it out. I’ve got some Marimo moss balls and a manzanita wood in route this week so I can finish the layout before long. Might add some micro sword and/or rotala. Still ruminating.

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