Multiple tank syndrome

  10 Gallon Walstad update: Using prime was definitely messing with the Ammonia reading on the API master test kit. Persistent reading of 0.25ppm. So I bought a Seachem Ammonia Alert. Good reviews. Lasts for a year, no need to do any testing. It’s stayed perfectly yellow, and has been in the tank since last Friday. It says it can take a couple days to acclimate to the tank, but after that will respond to ammonia in 15 minutes. So I’ve got no ammonia, no nitrites and no nitrates (per the master test kit, but I don’t think the Prime could mess with those readings.

Plants have gone nuts so I went out and bought a second ten gallon and planted all my cuttings and baby Java ferns from the first tank in it. No critters yet. Pretty sure my WCMM spawned earlier this week so we’ll see how many babies make it from that. I’ve got one healthy baby that’s about a half inch long now from the first round. I think the ghost shrimp culled the others, and then the second one just disappeared.

I also think there may only be 3 out of the 4 red cherry shrimp in that first tank now, but if one died, it basically vanished. Never caused an ammonia spike, guessing it either got eaten or else they’re doing a good job of hiding in rotation. I regularly see 2 or 3 at once.

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