Minnow fry!

Something’s working right because my minnows had babies! I’ve seen 2 or maybe even 3 for sure, hanging out in the water sprite. I managed to get a picture and video of the biggest one!

Also I’m seeing significant plant growth from the water sprit, the creeping Jenny, and the Anacharis in particular. I’ve planted a bunch of the Java fern’s babies too, so we’ll see how well they establish themselves.

I’m down to just feeding fish, topping off water, and I did do a partial water change at one week this week, but now that I’ve got fry I may push it past a week. The plants are established enough I think going a little longer should be fine.

I re-planted a gallon bowl, and moved the aged water from the triops bowl in there. Planted it with creeping Jenny and cabomba that was floating in the triops bowl (the triops died at about 35-40 days old, which is about as long as they live). Let the pond snail that took up residence in the triops bowls stay because there appears to only be one of them. Then I moved the two ghosties in there as I’m guessing they are the reason there’s only two minnow fry, and I didn’t want them eating the remaining two. Researching red cherry shrimp, because I think they’d be a better match for the minnows while keeping the eco-system cycling. Reading Walstad’s book now so I’ll see if she has insight, but I’m pretty sure shrimp are essential to making the planted tank work at it’s most efficient.

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